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Upcoming events

    • 12-May-2017
    • 2:00 PM
    • 14-May-2017
    • 2:00 PM
    • Skagit Valley, BC, Canada

    A birding event that seeks to draw birders to this spectacular provincial park.  Early spring is a great time to visit, with plants coming to life and many bird species, including Harlequin Ducks, arriving in the Skagit to breed.

    • 27-May-2017
    • 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM
    • Hope Regional Airpark, Hope, BC
    • 0

    Sorry, but this event is now sold out. You can join the waitlist and we will send you an email when additional spaces become available.

    Join waitlist

    Expert naturalists and birders, Jude and Al Grass, will lead a tour of some of Hope’s birding hot spots.

    • 10-Jun-2017
    • 11-Jun-2017
    • Hope, BC (meeting place)
    • 4

    Participants will gain a better understanding of the seven principles of Leave No Trace (LNT) and learn how to teach others.

    • 16-Jun-2017
    • 2:00 PM
    • 18-Jun-2017
    • 2:00 PM
    • Manning Provincial Park

    The Manning Park Bird Blitz is a fun event for expert and novice birders alike. Manning’s diverse mix of coastal, mountain, and interior climates supports a huge variety of birds — over 200 species.

    • 21-Jul-2017
    • 9:30 AM
    • 23-Jul-2017
    • 3:30 PM
    • Hudson's Bay Company Trail
    • 8

    This program for women will provide instruction on the overall basics of backpacking including food, cooking, clothing, backpacking essentials, overnight gear choices, safety considerations and "Leave No Trace" principles.  All this in a friendly, low-stress outdoor setting on the historic HBC Trail.

    • 29-Jul-2017
    • 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM (PDT)
    • Owl Street Cafe, Hope (meeting place)

    In celebration of Canada's 150th, hike a portion of the famous fur brigade trail that played a key role in making Canada a nation "from sea to sea". Fur trade historians and costumed interpreters will accompany us, sharing their knowledge of the people and events that reveal the vibrant life of this historic route.

    • 19-Aug-2017
    • 7:45 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Various locations. Bus leaves from N. Vancouver, BC

    SFU geologist John Clague returns for another exciting tour of British Columbia's dynamic, evolving landscape. This year's trip will showcase the geology of a spectacular Howe Sound-Whistler corridor, as well as hazards related to maintaining roads and railways through the Coast Mountains.

    • 26-Aug-2017
    • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Thacker Marsh Regional Park, Hope, BC
    • 30

    Ponds are crawling with creatures, and this program gives you a chance to see the pond ecosystem up close and hands on.  Grab a dip net and start hunting for critters, then view your quarry with microscopes and magnifying lenses.  Fun games and activities will show you “who’s eating who” in the pond food web and reveal how wetlands are so important in our lives.

    • 21-Oct-2017
    • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Owl Street Cafe, Hope (meeting place)
    • 24

    Discover the many roles of wild mushrooms--fungi--in sustaining diversity and healthy habitat in forest ecosystems on this easy valley-bottom hike beside the Skagit River.

    • 01-Dec-2017
    • 7:00 PM
    • 03-Dec-2017
    • 4:00 PM
    • Hope, BC
    • 14

    Avalanche expert Brad Harrison leads this skills course teaching safe winter travel in the backcountry. Participants will receive "AST Level 1" certification, which is recognized by Avalanche Canada.  

Past events

08-Apr-2017 Winter Camp
25-Mar-2017 Family Snowshoe to Falls Lake
09-Mar-2017 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
25-Feb-2017 Women's Snowshoe
13-Feb-2017 Family Day in Manning Park
02-Dec-2016 Avalanche Safety
15-Oct-2016 Photographing Nature
03-Oct-2016 Leave No Trace Master Educator Course
25-Sep-2016 World Rivers Day
17-Sep-2016 Kettle Valley Railway Bike Ride
09-Sep-2016 People of the Upper Skagit
27-Aug-2016 School of Rock
20-Aug-2016 "Leave No Trace" Trainer Course
13-Aug-2016 Pond Creature Crawl
30-Jul-2016 HBC Backpacking Trip
22-Jul-2016 Women's Beginner Backpacking
17-Jun-2016 Manning Park Bird Blitz
11-Jun-2016 Women's Mountain Bike Skills
04-Jun-2016 Othello Tunnels Tour
06-May-2016 Skagit Valley Bird Blitz
23-Apr-2016 Outdoor Filmmaking and Editing
09-Apr-2016 Advanced Snowshoe
19-Mar-2016 Family Snowshoe in Manning Park
03-Mar-2016 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
20-Feb-2016 Women's Snowshoe
08-Feb-2016 Family Day in Manning Park
01-Jan-2016 Gift Certificates
04-Dec-2015 Avalanche Safety
24-Oct-2015 Wild Mushrooms
27-Sep-2015 World Rivers Day
28-Aug-2015 People of the Upper Skagit
17-Aug-2015 Leave No Trace Master Educator Course
08-Aug-2015 Photographing Nature
24-Jul-2015 Women's Intermediate Backpacking
18-Jul-2015 School of Rock
27-Jun-2015 A Bug's Life
19-Jun-2015 Manning Park Bird Blitz
29-May-2015 Fraser Canyon Field Camp
22-May-2015 Skagit Valley Bird Blitz
16-May-2015 Pond Creature Crawl
02-May-2015 Birding in Hope
27-Apr-2015 Mountain Bike Leadership Skills
11-Apr-2015 Backcountry Navigation
04-Apr-2015 Family Snowshoe to Falls Lake
28-Mar-2015 Winter Camp
14-Mar-2015 Family Snowshoe in Manning Park
05-Mar-2015 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
28-Feb-2015 Outdoor Filming and Editing
21-Feb-2015 Women's Snowshoe
09-Feb-2015 Family Day in Manning Park
05-Dec-2014 Avalanche Safety
04-Oct-2014 Golden Larches
28-Sep-2014 World Rivers Day
20-Sep-2014 Life From Thin Air
16-Aug-2014 Photographing Nature
08-Aug-2014 HBC Backpacking Trip
25-Jul-2014 Women's Introductory Backpacking
19-Jul-2014 Watershed Exploration
12-Jul-2014 School of Rock
05-Jul-2014 Traditional Plants
21-Jun-2014 Forest Ecology Walk in Yale
20-Jun-2014 Manning Park Bird Blitz
14-Jun-2014 Forest Ecology Walk in Sunshine Valley
17-May-2014 Pond Creature Crawl
09-May-2014 Skagit Valley Bird Blitz
26-Apr-2014 Leave No Trace Trainer Course
12-Apr-2014 Backcountry Navigation
22-Mar-2014 Family Snowshoe to Falls Lake
06-Mar-2014 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
01-Mar-2014 Family Snowshoe in Manning Park
22-Feb-2014 Women's Snowshoe
10-Feb-2014 Family Day in Manning Park
06-Dec-2013 Avalanche Safety
02-Nov-2013 Salmon Stronghold
19-Oct-2013 Welqámex Island Archaeology
29-Sep-2013 World Rivers Day
14-Sep-2013 Leave No Trace Trainer Course
24-Aug-2013 Toolstones of the Skagit
17-Aug-2013 Cariboo Wagon Road 150th
02-Aug-2013 HBC Backpacking Trip
27-Jul-2013 Photographing Nature
20-Jul-2013 Watershed Exploration
12-Jul-2013 Women's Intermediate Backpacking
22-Jun-2013 School of Rock
14-Jun-2013 Manning Park Bird Blitz
18-May-2013 Pond Creature Crawl
10-May-2013 Skagit Valley Bird Blitz
04-May-2013 Backcountry Cooking
27-Apr-2013 Backcountry Navigation
20-Apr-2013 Beaver Tales
23-Mar-2013 Snowcaving Weekend
09-Mar-2013 Spring Snowshoe to Falls Lake
22-Feb-2013 Similkameen Ski Weekend
11-Feb-2013 Family Snowshoe at Lightning Lake
07-Dec-2012 Avalanche Safety
30-Sep-2012 BC Rivers Day
01-Sep-2012 Hike the Skyline Trails
25-Aug-2012 School of Rock
19-Aug-2012 Hike to Flatiron Peak
18-Aug-2012 Glaciers of the North Cascades
11-Aug-2012 Watershed Exploration
27-Jul-2012 Women's Backpacking
20-Jul-2012 Manning Park with Dick Cannings
30-Jun-2012 Traditional Plants of the Cascades
15-Jun-2012 Manning Park Bird Blitz
02-Jun-2012 Advanced Wilderness First Aid
02-Jun-2012 Introduction to Wilderness First Aid
26-May-2012 Outdoor Survival Skills
19-May-2012 Pond Creature Crawl
12-May-2012 Hike the Tikwalus Trail
05-May-2012 Fly Fishing for Women
04-May-2012 Skagit Valley Bird Blitz
28-Apr-2012 Hope Lookout Trail Work Bee
20-Apr-2012 Tikwalus Trail Grand Opening
19-Apr-2012 Alexandra Bridge Project
31-Mar-2012 Intermediate Snowshoe at Coquihalla Summit
24-Mar-2012 Family Snowshoe in Manning Park
09-Dec-2011 Avalanche Safety
25-Sep-2011 BC Rivers Day
10-Sep-2011 Mushrooms of the Cascades
27-Aug-2011 Hike the HBC Trail
13-Aug-2011 Hike the Dewdney Trail
05-Aug-2011 Painting in the Wild
23-Jul-2011 Watershed Exploration
16-Jul-2011 Introduction to Backpacking
17-Jun-2011 Manning Park Bird Blitz
11-Jun-2011 School of Rock
28-May-2011 Backcountry Orienteering
21-May-2011 Pond Creature Crawl
06-May-2011 Skagit Valley Bird Blitz
28-Apr-2011 Fraser Canyon Field Camp
08-Apr-2011 Canoe Paddle Skills
02-Apr-2011 Backcountry Cooking and Nutrition
12-Mar-2011 Advanced Snowshoe at Coquihalla Summit
05-Mar-2011 Family Snowshoe in Manning Park
18-Feb-2011 Similkameen Ski Weekend
26-Sep-2010 BC Rivers Day on the Harrison River
29-Aug-2010 Stein Valley Cultural Tour
13-Aug-2010 Backpacking Basics for Women
07-Aug-2010 The Hudson's Bay Company Trail
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