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If you are already familiar with our registration system, please SCROLL DOWN to REGISTER.

HELPFUL HINTS for online registration! 

Please read especially if you have not registered online for one of our programs before.

  1. TO REGISTER, click the Register button below or click Show details to see the payment categories.
  2. MULTIPLE PARTICIPANTS can be registered as "guests" in one payment transaction if they are all paying the same price (same payment category). You may use your own contact information for guests or their contact information, but please note that we will need their mailing address on file before the program begins. 
  3. PAYPAL ACCOUNT PAYMENT: Choose the "pay online" option and follow the instructions to pay with your Paypal account.
  4. CREDIT CARD PAYMENT: Choose the "pay online" option, but please note that, although they make it look like you have to have or create a Paypal account, you do not. Please ensure that you enter your card number with NO SPACES and that the address you complete matches the address that the credit card company has on file.
  5. PAYMENT BY CHEQUE OR MONEY ORDER: Choose the "pay later" option. Send a cheque or money order to Hope Mountain Centre, Box 115, Hope, BC V0X 1L0 indicating the names of the people being registered and which program you are paying for.  
  6. EMAILS: You will automatically receive 4 emails after registering - a registration confirmation, an invoice, a receipt and account information. The company that handles this secure online registration process will automatically create an account for you using the info you have provided. You do not have to use that account or take any action as a result of this email. However, the advantage to using the account is that you don't have to complete all of your info again if you register for one of our future programs.
  7. If you wish to return to the HMCOL website, click our website link at the very bottom of this page.
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